This test allows to measure biological age by the method of V. Voytenko, developed at the Institute of Gerontology, Academy of medical Sciences of the USSR (Kiev, 1984).

The test at the apparent simplicity issue quite valid results, because it is based on wide population studies and is builded on the principles of multidimensional mathematical statistics.

This made it possible to reduce a large number of signs of aging to a small number of generalized estimates. The test is successfully used in medicine, physiology and psychology.

The test consists of two parts: a block of objective parameters and a block of subjective health estimate
1. Your gender:

2. Your present age: years

3. Your blood pressure: / ( for example: / )

4. Your weight: kg.   (only for women)

5. Duration of breath-holding after a deep inhalation: sec.   (for men only)

6. Duration of static balancing: sec. * Note: Stand on your left foot without shoes,
on eyes closed, arms down at your sides. The result is counted until the moment of separation of the heel from the floor or losing balance. Make three attempts with an interval of 1-2 minutes and record the best score.

7. Your main profession: * Name the profession that you devoted the most time in your life.

The questions of the block «Subjective assessment of health»

If You answer "YES" check the box by this question, if Your answer is "NO" just move on to the next question:

  1. Do you suffer from headaches?

  2. Can it say that You easily Wake up from any noise?

  3. Whether disturb you pains in heart?

  4. Do you think that in recent years you have impaired hearing?

  5. Do you think that your eyesight has deteriorated in recent years?

  6. Do you try to drink only boiled water?

  7. Whether people give place to you in public transport?

  8. Whether disturb you joint pains?

  9. Whether the weather changing influences your health?

10. Whether there are such periods when you lose sleep because of excitement?

11. Whether constipations disturb you?

12. Whether disturb you pains in a liver?

13. Whether there is at you giddiness?

14. Do you think that it became more difficult for you to concentrate now, than in the past?

15. Do You worry about your memory weakening, forgetfulness?

16. Do You feel tingling, burning sensation in various parts of the body?

17. Whether disturb you noise or buzzing in the ears?

18. Whether you keep for yourself one of the following medicines in your home medicine kit: validol, nitroglycerin, heart drops?

19. Whether there occur edemas on the legs sometimes?

20. Do You have to give up some dishes?

21. Do You have a dyspnea during fast walking?

22. Whether disturb you pains in the lumbar region?

23. Do you have to use any mineral water for medicinal purposes?

24. Does worry You unpleasant taste in your mouth?

25. Can it say that You have become easy to weep?

26. Whether you go to the beach sometimes?

27. How do You think now You are as working as before?

28. Whether there are such periods when You're feeling happily excited, happy?

29.   —   How do you estimate your health?   choose from the list